Shadhuli Community in the UK

Beloved, in the Name of God, look with the Eye of the heart and don't look back. Understand with the Eye of the Hearing of God. Listen with God, that your hearing may be merged with the Hearing of God. See with God and His Name will come to you. Then you will hear with the Ear of God and see with the Eye of God.

Sidi Muhammad Saʿeed al-Jamal ar-Rifaʿi ash-Shadhuli

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About the Guide

Sidi Muhammad Saʿeed al-Jamal ar-Rifaʿi ash-Shadhuli was a Shaykh in the Shadhuli Tariqah and an imam and teacher at al-Aqsa mosque. He was a mufti in the Shariʿah courts of Jerusalem and was qualified in the four main Sunni schools of fiqh as well as the Jaʿfari school.

He is the author of over forty books on Sufism, Tafsir, Prophetic Medicine and Spiritual Healing, including He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord and The Music of the Soul.

He was well known for his melodic singing voice, and could occasionally be heard on Palestinian radio. He is the composer of many Qasa'id, including Anta Nuskhatu-l-Akwan and an-Nay Ilahi.

He was also known for his generous and loving nature, his kindness to children, and his severity with those who mistreated women. He gave time and love to everyone, male and female, young and old, black and white.

The UK Community

There is a small but active community in the UK. We hold regular dhikr and reading group sessions.